15 Easy Things To Do This Halloween


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Getting into the autumn mood can be easy, but sometimes the whole Halloween theme can be a little harder. Some people don’t like it - my mum is a key example - whilst others love it. Some don’t know how to celebrate right, turning into lots of us just ignoring it in the end. Therefore, I have made a list of all the things you have to or may find fun to do every Halloween to get you into the mood. 

You don’t have to do them all, in fact, it may be fun to save lots of them for years to come, but I hope that the list below brings you a bit of fun this October. Take a browse through and take your spooky picks…

  1. Go pumpkin picking to find your perfect decoration or pumpkin pie filling

  2. Make some spooky themed cookies with autumn based spices or pumpkin spice

  3. Create a sweet hamper or wreath that you can enjoy a piece from everyday

  4. Learn all the dance moves to a famous Halloween based song - Time Warp is an essential

  5. Make and enjoy a hot apple cider or a pumpkin spiced latte with all the toppings

  6. Take part in a maze challenge or haunted house themed attraction

  7. Head to a harvest festival or go on a hayride at your local farm

  8. Create or buy a costume and wear it with pride

  9. Go trick or treating or host a spooky party at home 

  10. Watch your favourite horror films and TV shows

  11. Host a Halloween decoration crafting session

  12. Make or buy toffee apples to enjoy with added extras on top

  13. Read a spooky themed book - Funny Bones is great for kids, whilst Frankenstein and other classics are perfect for adults

  14. Tell spooky stories or write a spooky story and share it with others

  15. Turn your dining table or table areas into a spooky setting and host a dinner on Halloween

There are so many more things you can do at Halloween or throughout October, many I have probably missed, but these are just a few fun ones for you all to try. What do you think you may or will do this year? 

Joey X

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