Celebrate The Start of Spooky Season With These Ghoulish Lollipops


Good Morning Lovelies, 

September is coming to a close. Whether it has been an easy or a hard month, we have done it. Back to school, new terms and in my eyes a new year has begun and we survived all the troubles that come with it. You are all amazing! 

So, I wanted to celebrate the news that October, one of my favourite months of the year, is here. It is time for the spooky season to start. Honestly, my house is going to start being decorated tomorrow. And, I am going to help you start making Halloween plans now too. 

This is so easy to create, with everyone in the family able to make them. The earlier you all start doing this, more can be made, with loads ready for the 31st, when they can be handed out at parties and to trick or treaters. 

Prepare to spook up your lollipops in no time…

  • Round/Ball Shaped Lollipops
  • White Square Paper Napkins/Tissues
  • White Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker Pen
  1. First, start by placing two tissues or paper napkins down on a table flat. Then, pop the lollipop in the middle of the tissue squares, holding them up by the stick. 
  2. Holding the lolly in place, roll the paper around the ball shape at the top, joining the paper together under the ball. Secure in place by tying the ribbon around where the ball is secured. 
  3. Take the marker pen and create a ghost face on the tissue around the lollipop. This can be two eyes and another circle coloured in to make a shocked mouth shape. 
  4. Once all done, hand out or keep for the spooky season as easy decorations. 
Super simply and easy to do! You won’t be able to stop making these once you start!

Joey X

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