Spin Master Toys Have Created The Ultimate Artistic Gifts For This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

The lead up to and during the festive Christmas period is the perfect time to get creative. I love getting my pom pom makers out and creating wreaths. Baking up a storm and using my Hama Beads to create little ironed decorations. 

However, I am always on the lookout for ways to get artistic. Especially ways that I don’t normally think of. Therefore, when I heard about some of the amazing arty gifts that Spin Master Toys have coming out this Christmas, I got very excited. 

Kindly, the team gifted me a few pieces to try. Including the brilliant Kinetic Sand Swirl N Surprise set and the Pixobitz Studio. Upon pulling out each item, I felt an inner problem. Which one did I start with? 

Deciding on the Kinetic Sand kit, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of tools and coloured sands it featured. With four useful tools and 907 grams of sand, in colours, red, blue, yellow and green, the creative hands on juices got flowing straight away. Unlike the stuff you find at the beach, the sand can be modelled and placed into shapes of your choosing, without all of the mess. 

Using the sand swirler tool, the fluffy sand can be placed inside, turned and then cut into even more shapes with the other tools on offer. When the colours get boring, the sand can go back in the machine to be swirled again to make something new. Meaning hours of endless fun and creativity. 

As someone who had used Kinetic Sand in therapy before, I was familiar with the feel and shapes made from it. Yet, this kit made me realise that there was so much more that could be done with it. Anyone who wants to get creative in a different way will love the pottery like dynamic that this kit brings. Plus, with the availability of different tools, it never gets boring. Perfect for that time between Christmas and New Year, when no one really knows what to do with themselves. 

Moving onto the Pixobitz Studio, I was instantly interested. Hama Beads are a firm favourite in my home. Whilst I have played around with Aqua Beads, I haven’t found them as easy. But, I was ready to have my head turned by the new Pixobitz Studio. Something that definitely happened. 

Priced at £34.99, the studio comes with everything you need to make 3D and 2D pixel shapes and creations. All that bond together with just water. A bit like an Aqua Bead, but more advanced. With 500 different coloured beads included, as well as two trays, 14 accessories and tools, everything that is needed is within it. 

Following the instructions, all I had to do was place a template under one of the trays. Then following the design, I had to stack the blocks before spraying the finished design. They can then be styled in different ways, such as a keyring or a little statued. Unlike Aqua Beads, the blocks were easier to handle, didn’t move around and when the item was complete, they stood up and didn’t feel like they would break. 

Young and old can enjoy these and if you were to use it before Christmas, you could make an advent calendar yourself, making the small gifts for each day. If my mum or someone I know had done this for me, I would have lost my mind. 

Overall, Spin Master Toys have worked hard with some amazing brands to make Christmas even more creative this year. Perfect as gift makers, presents themselves or as a simple way to get more artistic, you can’t go wrong. For me, I will definitely be looking into getting more of the Pixobitz range. It was so easy to do I could do it from bed. 

I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for them, when out this November and December, preparing your gifts. You will love them and so will the person who gets them (including you!). 

Joey X

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