Make Home Improvements Easily With Umi and Eono


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the colder months coming in thick and fast, lots of us are staying in and sorting out home based projects. Whether it be decorating, cleaning out or adding new editions in time for the big celebrations, our homes are becoming our heavens. 

Luckily, with amazing brands available online, Amazon have safely gathered two to help us. Umi and Eono. Lots of amazing products feature on their websites and I was grateful enough to receive a few to review. 

However, I spotted a number of others that I wanted to share with you all too. I honestly can’t get enough of them. I hope to light up my home with these soon: 

Umi Foil Printed Golden Line Blackout Curtains, £35.99: Created in a number of different sizes and colours, these gorgeous curtains help to keep the heat in, making them perfect for those cold mornings and nights in bed. Plus, with blackout features, you can safely say that you can cocoon well this winter.

Eono Farmhouse Round Wall Mirror, £72: Fit for any room in your house, this great mirror is perfect to decorate with additional features. Whether it be winter or spring, you can make this mirror your own. 

Umi Constellation Effect Eyelets Sheer Curtains, £13.99: Perfect for summer or to light up a room a bit more during the winter months, this thin but beautiful curtains feature a gorgeous colourful constellation based design. I might just have to add these to my sky based room asap!

Eono Laundry Basket on Wheels, £14: Ever struggled to move your laundry basket around? Well, no longer will you need to. This slim based hamper is able to collapse, whilst also being moved around on wheels easily. Plus, with helpful waterproof features and a breathable mesh lid cover, there are no fears of your clothing getting ruined in the process.

Eono Pack of 4 Tea Towels, £14.99: Super absorbent, these tea towels add a touch of class to the room. With a slash of colour, these quick drying cloths make cleaning up easy.

Eono Place Mats (Set of 6), £15.99: Made from PVC, these place mats are great for those upcoming celebrations and big meals. Non-slip and washable, all tables that feature these will look stylish and slick. 

Are you planning on redesigning or getting creative at home? Umi and Eono are two fabulous brands on Amazon, who have loads of home improvement items at affordable prices. I’ve learnt a lot more about them by doing this feature and will be looking out for more items about them in the future. 

What are you currently doing to your home or planning to do in the future? 

Joey X

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