B&M Have All You Need To Have The Ultimate Foodie Christmas


Good Morning Lovelies,

Food is one, if not the biggest thing, about Christmas. Whether it is a huge turkey dinner with all the trimmings or the classic chocolate tubs that come out, you can’t beat it. Over the last few years, I have been trying to make small achievable goals that my mum and family have helped me with, due to my condition. This has included a lot of home baking and cooking. 

Yet, it can be a long time thing and when the festive period strikes, you don’t always have the hours or minutes to do them. Thankfully, the team at B&M are on hand to help, with their new treat based cooking and baking range. 

Great as either a present or as a new appliance to make the Christmas period a lot easier, they have released waffle makers, churro creators and much more. All allowing for a lot of fun to be had. Kindly, I was given a few items to try and I can honestly say they were perfect. 

However, there was a whole host that I am not keeping my eye out for to make my family’s time in the kitchen a whole lot easier and fun. These include the following: 

Heat & Eat Waffle Maker, £15: Waffles are a huge staple product in our house. Whether they are coated in golden syrup, thick amounts of sugar or chocolate, my mum loves them. Small but impactful, this mini maker is going to be her dream gift, meaning she will make endless amounts. 2023 will be the year of the waffle in our house. 

Heat & Eat Churros Maker, £20: Since becoming a huge thing over the last few years, everyone now wants a Churros maker. This is great as a gift and as a pudding or breakfast delight maker. Just make sure to stock up on the Nutella to go with it.

Heat & Eat Treats Maker, £15: Whether it be cookies, eggs or even waffles, this treat maker does it all. And in little to no time at all! Great for using when in a rush but you fancy something different. Perfect for those busy Christmas and New Year mornings.

Heat & Eat Crepe Maker, £20: Fancy delicious crepes on Christmas morning? Or for the rest of the year? Give the gift that the pancake lover in your family will adore with this crepe maker. Simply pour the batter on and you will have a feast on your hands in no time. 

Heat & Eat Chocolate Fountain, £20: Imagine your Christmas or New Year’s Eve buffet table. In the centre, a flowing fountain of chocolate, surrounded by gorgeous snacks to put it in. Sounds good doesn’t it? Plus, at such a great price, it is a dream worth investing in. 

With many more handy food based gifts and electronics to enjoy, there is no denying that B&M have thought long and hard about what people want this year. Especially when it comes down to the foodie in your life or even you. Definitely take a look at their website to see all on offer lovelies, you will not be disappointed! 

Joey X

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