Outlander Season Six Review


Hey Lovelies,

Over the past few years, Outlander has been one fantasy show in a genre I struggle with that has kept me entertained. From Jamie and Claire’s first moments on screen to the introduction of their daughter Bree and the death of others, six seasons on, it is still going strong.

Out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, the latest 12 episodes bring heartache and love to the front of its tale. As Claire and Jamie come to terms with the fact the brutal fights, hurt and lost family members, the show presents some of its most gripping moments that will leave you even more upset that there is going to be a Droughtlander.

Every scene is filled with vital information that can not be missed. Each character has their moment. There isn’t a page left unturned that doesn’t make you want to watch the series. However, it doesn’t make it the strongest of the bunch.

Often there are moments which go on for too long. You wish for the characters to be given a chance to flow more freely and at a better pace than that presented. Wrapping them to up in the over the top mess that does come throughout had you yearning at times to turn the series off. Especially around episodes five and six. There is a reason to stick with the show though. The finale. Not for anything bad, but because it provides us with the epic Outlander storylines that we love and will bring us back for a beautiful next season.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are the true stars of the show as always. When faced with the tough challenges the storylines can bring, they both make you feel for their characters. Watching them grow and flourish, you know that as a viewer, they will not let you down. Something that brings a true sense of comfort when watching. Something that keeps us all coming back for more.

Whilst it may not be it’s strongest season to date, Outlander doesn’t disappoint. Avid fans will raise a glass to the new series, whilst those who are just dipping their toes will be delving into a serious binge watch now. Even when the episodes drag, keep going with it. The epic finale will have you yearning for more in no time at all.

3 1/2 Stars

Joey X

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