Five Simple Tips To Make Any Day A Good One


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Little things can make a day a huge success. Since I started journaling, around the middle of the day, so I can reflect on the good things that have happened in the afternoon, I have been so grateful. Even if it is just a hint of sunshine, there is always a little element of the day that can make a person smile. 

However, sometimes it can be hard to see this. Believe me, I know it! However, over the years I have picked up some tips that could help you see what has made a day special, which I wanted to share with you all…

  1. Write Down What Has Happened That Day - Take a post it note, a journal, even your phone notes and write down a happy moment as soon as it happens. You will then remember it and when feeling down, it will make you smile. 

  2. Do Something You Have Always Wanted - Sometimes it seems like we can’t do what we want to (sometimes we really can’t aha!), but if you defy those who put you down or even your own doubts, it can be a real winner. 

  3. Take A Rest Day - Sometimes everything seems like it has to be go, go, go, yet it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take a day off and breathe. Be thankful for the rest and do it. 

  4. Speak It Out - Talking to someone can really help you see what good things have happened. Sometimes I love talking to strangers because they make me see the little things that make a day great. They may even make the day great. 

  5. Know A Bad Day Isn’t A Bad Life - When it seems like there is nothing good in the day, just remember that a bad day isn’t a bad life. You can always talk to someone, be thankful that you got dressed, even that you woke up and had a glass of water. The positives are what you make them and they can be big or small. We will always love you no matter what. 

I know these aren’t big things, but these are just a few little tips that I try to remember and follow. What do you do to make your day better lovelies? 

Joey X

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