Good Luck Leo Grande Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Played out like a stage production, the beautiful Good Luck Leo Grande is making its way into our homes today, with its DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally versions becoming available.

Written by Katy Brand, the feature tells a story not often explored. Whilst a number of films touch upon the sexual awakenings of young women, not many delve into that of those over 30. Yet, that has finally changed with Sophie Hyde directing Emma Thompson in a career defining performance. 

Looking into the world of female pleasure, Thompson plays Nancy, a woman who has never experienced an orgasm before. It is completely and utterly obvious from the get go that Thompson wants to make a difference with this feature. 

Sharing everything and giving everything, she holds nothing back. Portraying a character who is both vulnerable and bold, it feels like Thompson is the only person who could play Nancy. Especially when her character meets sex worker Leo. Someone she truly puts to the test. Both emotionally and physically.

The pair open up to each other. They share their wants. Their desires. But also their fears. For the situation and the world around them. Something that is truly allowed to flow well, due to the whole feature being set in one place. The hotel room they agree to meet in. 

With an award worthy script, two fabulous actors and a director who knows what they need to do to get the best out of every scene, the whole film works. Luck isn’t needed for this feature to be a winner. It already is in every way. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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