The Ultimate Christmas Gifts From Funrise Toys


Good Morning Lovelies,

Toys are a must at Christmas. No matter what age you are, you deserve a toy. At 27, I always ask for one. Whether it be LEGO or as my mum has done for me this year, a Bluey surprise. It doesn’t have to be a big one, it can be a little one. It doesn’t have to even cost the earth. It can be a pound shop special. Bringing you or the person you give it to some joy is the most important thing.

So, when I discovered the world of Funrise toys, at The Big Christmas Press Show, I was amazed at the range they had to offer. From perfect stocking fillers to big presents, they had it all. Kindly, they gifted me a few to true, meaning I could give you all an early rundown of some of the best toys on the market. All in a fun gift guide…

Fart Ninjas (Series 5), £5.99: Having seen these before in The Entertainer, they always made our family laugh for lots of reasons. When you walk past them or play with them, they let off a farting noise. Something that we all look around at and point at someone in our family when we have experienced them in store. Gifted the brilliantly named Scentsei Oh Dor and Kung Fumes, the same thing happened. Perfect for my nephew’s stocking, I know he is going to have hours of fun with these. 

CAT Construction Little Machines Mega Set, £24.99: Great for all, this little construction set is super cute. As soon as I opened it, I could imagine it being great in a sand pit or on a car mat. However, they would also work great for creative minds to play with as they build their own LEGO homes or sets. Fit for every job, they will go down a treat this Christmas as a main gift or a stocking filler. Just watch out for a digger in the mash potato. 

Bright Fairy Friends Dolls, £12.99: The Funrise team kindly gifted me two of these and as I was unwrapping them from the box, the lights from their wings were glowing. In a brand new series, the fairies live within a home that can also be used as a night light. However, when out of the glowing house, they can also light up with the simplest of button presses on their necklaces. The fairy on top of the tree has nothing on the 36 dolls now out and ready to be collected. 

Light Show Bubble Wand, £12: Perfect to give this Christmas in preparation for next summer, this light up wand will bring a touch of magic to the garden. The handheld wand can be filled up with bubble solution, before being turned on for the ultimate bubble experience. Lighting up to ten different effects, the wand provides endless amounts of fun, for big and little kids. 

Incredibubble Wand, £10: Another perfect gift for the hotter weather, this bubble wand makes humongous bubbles that little ones could even fit inside. Using a handheld wand, the bubble solution is poured into a tray, which the wand sits in and gathers, before swiping its way through the air. Catching this bubbles is a big task, yet, one the whole family will love when the sun is shining. 

Funrise have endless amounts of gifts and these have already brought a lot of joy into our home. My favourites have to be the fairies, who are super cute and very adaptable. However, I know my little nephew in our house is going to love the Fart Ninjas. Explore their range now lovelies to find great gifts for Christmas 2022. I won’t judge if you pick something for you too! I know I will be! 

Joey X

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