My September 2022 Monthly Favourites


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Reaching the end of September seems like the perfect time to discuss the items that have made my month so special. I adore the renewal that this month brings. It seems like as the schools start again so does life. I don’t know if others feel like this too, but to me, September feels more like the start of the year, not January. 

After lots of finales in August, September also seemed like the month of discovery. New shows, films, foods and more were found in our home. Something I am very thankful for, leading me to wanting to share them with you lovelies. Here is what made my month so special…

My Favourite Book: Happy Families by Julie Ma - Not a book I would normally pick up, I was pleasantly surprised by what I read. It was such a good book and a really quick read, as I found myself entrapped by the family dynamic and the humour but mysteries they had within it. Definitely one to pick up lovelies.

My Favourite TV Show: The Carrie Diaries - When I was younger, I stumbled upon this show online. I binged it hard, tuning in weekly to catch the episodes. Sadly, it was cancelled after two seasons. Yet, it birthed the careers of stars Anna Sophia Robb and Austin Butler. If you want to discover what Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and the City, got up to before we all knew her from the hit show, this is one for you. 

My Favourite Food Find: M&S Sourdough Bagels With Rowse Set Honey - Honestly, cut the bagel in half, spread a thick layer of Rowse’s set honey on top and it is like having two glazed donuts. Perfection in every way. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Ordo Sonic+ Rose Gold Toothbrush - Having stumbled across this in Boots on sale for £12 instead of £50, I snapped this up. Luckily, this bargain has been a real beauty find, with my teeth looking whiter and feeling better. There are four settings featured on the brush, with the whitening one being my favourite, but you can find the perfect one for you when using it. I simply love it. 

My Favourite Podcast: The Twilight Effect - I will admit that my choice of podcasts probably repeat themselves over and over again, but each month I love finding a podcast episode that really sticks with me. The Twilight Effect podcast is not only returning me to my youth, but it is opening my eyes a lot to how much work went into making my teenage favourite features. The Christina Perri episode is really interesting to listen to. 

My Favourite Experience: Okay, it may seem a little bit boring, but my favourite experience of the month was actually just the renewal of life. I felt like September gave me a chance to start to prepare for my favourite times of the year. Get ready for all the fall, Halloween and Christmas content that will be coming your way soon. 

What made your September special lovelies? 

Joey X

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