What Do You Really Need For School? Five Basic Essentials To Start The Term Right!


Good Morning Lovelies,

The world is about to go wild, with the start of back to school preparations beginning. With so many shops already stocking up, even hosting sales, there are lots of things that you all need to help you start the term the right way. Or so it is suggested. Honestly though, there are just a few basics that you need to help you or those close to you to begin the schooling journey right. 

A basic pen, pencil, rubber and ruler may be common knowledge, but when things such as compasses, scientific calculators, atlas’ and school bags appear on the list, it can be hard. Especially with the cost of living going up too. Therefore, I have made sure that I have tried to help you all, by making a list of what I think or what I can remember you do really need for school. Some are simple and others are a bit harder to get, but if you get them now you will be well prepared. 

Different Sized Pencil Sets - Including colouring pencils, be prepared for art classes and maths, with different sized pencil sets. The most important sizes to include are the normal HB ones, 2B and 4B ones. Oh, don’t forget a pencil sharpener for these too. 

Dictionaries and Thesaurus - Make sure to pick up the basic Collins dictionaries and thesaurus’, as sometimes it is easier to have a hardback copy, as well as those on the computer. If you or a child you know is doing a language subject, make sure to buy them in those languages too to help them out even more. 

USB/Memory Stick - To enable all files and important documents to be safely stored, get a large USB/Memory stick to help them transport all that they need to. A big storage space will hopefully mean they can use it all year or maybe even multiple years, saving costs. 

Maths Kit - As mentioned before, make sure to buy a compass, protractor, set square and all other important maths essentials in one easy kit. This helps to save money, because it can be costly if you buy them all separately. £3 for a kit may seem steep, yet 50p for each item adds up even more. Check out charity shops or ask friends if they have any spare as well, as you may find kits cheaper. 

A4 Books, Folders, Lined Pages and Plastic Pockets - Each subject will call for either books given out at the start of term or folders to store items. Some schools provide these, but others require you to purchase them. Stock up now, before it is too late and be prepared. Some folders can be purchased with all the items included, so look out for them and calculate what will save you the most money. 

You may need more items, but these basics are essentials. With all of these purchased, you can save money and keep the school and the children you know happy. Take a look around, shop online or ask those closest to you to see if they have any spares and be prepared before the big day. Saved by the bell!

Joey X

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