My Monthly Favourites From August 2022


Good Morning Lovelies, 

August is the time of the year where many of us don’t really know what to do. July is the start of summer. September is when we plan going back to school and giving the year a bit of a refresh. So, when it came down to doing this, I did struggle a little bit. Yet, there were a lot of things that I did love about it. Find out what they are below: 

My Favourite Book: My New Diary - August meant that I had to start a new diary, as my old one run out in July. Now, I know it isn't technically a new book, but I loved the feeling of starting anew the day the month began. I love a refresh and my new diary brought that.

My Favourite TV Show: The Savoy - Recently, I found this little gem on the ITV Hub and I binged watched the whole show in one sitting. It is so fascinating to discover how the other half live and I couldn’t believe some of the things that were announced. £16,000 a night for one room! I can’t get over it! 

My Favourite Food Find: Red Onion and Chive New York Bakery Bagel - I adore bagels at the moment, after struggling to have bread for a long time. This new find, which comes from my favourite bagel creators, is fab if you are looking for a savoury sandwich base. I like to have these with either Branston pickle, mayonnaise or Marmite. Yet, they would be great with loads of different finds too. 

My Favourite Beauty Item: Hygge Candle - Kindly, I was sent this candle from the Amazon Homemade team and I am obsessed with it. Perfect for summer, it has that super fresh smell that summer screams for. Burn this and picture yourself on a beach. I definitely do. 

My Favourite Podcast: The Disneyland Paris Show - Also on YouTube, this special podcast discusses all the news that is coming out of Disneyland Paris. Currently, I am trying to plan a trip to my real home, making this podcast super important to me. I want to find the best date and time for me and my mum to go, which this podcast is helping us do brilliantly. 

My Favourite Experience: After going to see them in Blackpool in July, my brother and nephew decided to come and visit us in August. It was super special for them to do this, as the month is when my nephew has his birthday. Treating him when we got to see him was lovely. Plus, some other family friends came to see us too and it made it even more special. We are already planning when we are going to see them again. 

What did you get up to in August that made it super special? 

Joey X

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