What Do I Want To Achieve In June 2022? Find Out Now!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently, I was watching a video and heard someone mention that they were working with their children to help achieve the goals they have or want to complete by a certain age or within their lifetime. This made me think about what I wanted to do, so I have decided to make monthly goals. I won’t punish myself if I don’t complete them all or feel like I can't do them, but I want to be able to do a few of them to make my life a little bit better. 

I know though that if I just keep them in my head I will forget them, so I am writing them here each month to remember them. Hopefully, I will complete the following throughout June: 

  • Reach out and finally email the Parenting Hell podcast
  • Make sure my mum has an amazing 60th birthday on the 21st June and find her the presents she wants
  • Celebrate and enjoy seeing Elton John on the 24th June, without the worries I had years ago when I first saw him
  • Plan my birthday and book the tickets for the train to see my brother (Fingers crossed costs go down)
  • Start a new course at the charity shop I volunteer in

These goals are ones that I keep thinking about and want to crack on with as soon as possible. They are quite nice ones to start the months and ones that I think I can achieve. I will let you know how I get on next month. 

Joey X

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