Five Ways That Could Help You Save Money!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few of you may know that a while ago I used to work for a money saving website. I would create content that would help people to save money on their everyday spending. As the cost of living rises, something that is worrying us all, myself included, I thought I would share some tips and tricks that have been helping me recently to keep the pennies in my pocket. 

Use Your Bonus Cards

When making purchases on medicines, beauty products or everyday essentials, I have been using my rewards cards as much as possible. I decided to treat myself to some new perfume in the middle of May and saved money using my Perfume Shop card. £5 off in fact. I save around 15% every time I shop in Superdrug too now, using my Superdrug Beauty Card, making my medicine and health purchases cheaper. I also use my student discount card wherever I can to make cheaper purchases or even to get freebies. 

Buy Yellow Stickers and Store

My mum is someone who happily looks for discounts with me. So, when we go food shopping we look for the discounted items. I have a good eye, if I do say so, for reduced or yellow sticker finds. This makes it easy for us to save money, but also to fill up our freezer, which has meant that meals can be made easily for less. With leftovers also being created and kept for other meals during the week or later in the month. Plus, we are also keeping food, if safe to do so, later than the best before date. This includes yogurts, milk, eggs and bread. 

Donating To Our Local Food Bank/Neighbours

If we have made purchases or found food that we know we won’t eat in the end, we will donate it to our local food bank to help others. We have also given food to our neighbours, who give back to us, which has meant nothing is being wasted, money is being saved and we are all helping each other in these troubling times. 

Checking For The Cheapest Deals

Wherever I can save money I do. Like many of us do. I am constantly looking at the moment for the cheapest deals. If I can afford to do so, I am paying off contracts and seeing where I can lower costs if possible. I am seeing what is happening with the electricity, gas and wifi costs at the bottom of the lists. This makes the money go further. 

Turning Off What I Don’t Need 

For a long time, I was bad at turning off my Alexa system’s. I liked to hear the radio or a sound when going around my house for comfort. Yet, to help cut costs I have been turning it off when I leave a room and only having it on if I am in a room. I have also been doing this with the TV and lights too. I am not sure how much of a difference it is making yet, but fingers crossed it is. 

What tips and tricks have you been following to help save money lovelies? 

Joey X

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