Time For A Holiday? I Think So!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Do you ever worry about going away? I do for lots of reasons. Have I packed everything I need? Will I be able to get what I need when I get there? Is everything sorted travel wise? It’s mad how much stress a time that is meant to be relaxing can be. 

Once there, I often kick back and stay calm. Yet, the getting there can be madness. Luckily, I have managed to gather a few things early and am now desperate to just get on the train and get away. 

Since we went to Butlins, everything has been mad. It feels like so much pressure has been put on us, me and my mum, making me just want to jump on the train now. We have had family break ups, a saddening death and home life changes that have made the past month hard. 

However, with news of a heatwave and a caravan in Clacton waiting for us, I am ready to reunite with my best friend Dee and embrace my inner child again. 

Next week, I may be a little quieter than normal, but I will be around. Maybe just with a bucket and spade in my hand. Who wants to join me? Come along for the ride and a stick of rock too! The more of us together the merrier!

Are you going away soon? Let me know where you are going! 

Joey X

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