Living PCOS Free Book Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

In recent years, the topic surrounding Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has been discussed a lot. Something I couldn’t be happier to see happen. With many women suffering from the condition, it is important that it gets talked about to remove any stigmas about it. 

There so, when I heard about the new book, Living PCOS Free, I was interesting in discovering what could be done to help symptoms and to improve hormonal health. With over 35 years' of clinical experience, Dr Nitu Bajekal, takes readers through a 21-day plan to try and help beat the condition as much as possible.

For me, I am very lucky to say that I haven’t ever suffered from the condition. Yet, reading about it made me realise that I am completely unaware of what could happen to my body and hormones if I did. From weight to medicines, there is so much surrounding the illness that people may not know could be causing them so much I’ll health or pain. 

Not everything in the book would be a fix for every one and I’m sure people who suffer from the condition will know a lot about it. But, as a newcomer to the condition and what it really involves, you can or could make some huge improvements. A winner in every sense. 

The recipes featured in the book are perfect for all as well. My mum has used a number of them to have on there own and with other dishes. Super easy, fit for every occasion and healthy too. Plus, they have been made with medical guidance too. 

As mentioned before, this book is perfect for those with or without the condition. Learning about how the female body and its hormones are run, there are a number of steps that can be followed to help improve it. There so, I am giving this a solid 4 stars

Joey X

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