Celebrate Elton John With These Five Simple Tips


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Elton John is an epic performer. He saved my life in lots of ways. After seeing him in 2019, I decided I needed to get the right help for my eating disorder. Since then, his music, book, film and podcast have helped me in the most testing of times. He has kept me going in lots of ways. Something my whole family knows. 

This little blog post is a celebration of the man himself, whilst I prepare myself to go and see him again live this Friday in Hyde Park. A concert I am both excited and scared for. I know though that in many ways it will be epic. Therefore, I wanted to give you all a couple of ways you can enjoy the main man himself, even if you aren’t seeing him. You will be as big of a fan as me by the end of it, I am sure: 

Watch: Rocketman - Download, buy or find a streaming service showing Rocketman and watch it. I saw this film on the day it was released. Watched it in hospital on Christmas Day and have viewed it many times since. It will honestly give you all a new perspective on Elton and his life. 

Read: Me by Elton John - One of the most read and anticipated autobiographies of all time, Elton holds nothing back in the pages in his book. There are shocks, with tears easily shed and laughs to be had within each section. Watch out for the moments in which he talks about Watford and his joy at having his sons. They will leave you feeling warm inside.

Listen: Greatest Hits Album - Can’t decide which album to put on? Find the greatest hits one and you will have every song you ever loved by Elton John in your ears. You will find the right song for you, probably many in fact, that will become your life anthem.

Binge: Rocket Hour Podcast - Stars were and still are lining up to appear on Elton John’s podcast, something that becomes addictive as soon as you start listening. There are no questions that Elton won’t ask his guests. Even if you don’t know who they are, you will be fascinated by the end of each episode, making them very bingeable. 

Guilty Pleasure Listen: Merry Christmas by Elton John - No matter what time of the year, pop this on, sing and dance along. Simply enjoy it for all that it is. You will love it. Especially if you do so whilst playing the video along with it. 

What do you love about Elton John? Let me know! 

Joey X

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