Start The Mardi Gras Party Early With These New Southern Comfort Bottles



Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now it may be a little too early to be discussing alcohol, but it is the weekend at last! The perfect time to have a party or celebration this evening to mark the break in the week and everything you have achieved in it. 

To celebrate the spirit of New Orleans, the place it was created, Southern Comfort, has had a makeover. Designed by East London artist, Jade Pearl and New Orleans-based artist BMIKE, the new limited-edition bottle,  has a fantastic new look that is super bright, beautiful and a stand out feature on any shelf. The bottle is honestly a thing of beauty. 

Keeping the classic and iconic taste, but mixing in a new outfit, makes the beauty even more comforting to drink. Something my mum found when giving the new bottle a try a few nights ago. 

However, something that is a little different is the addition of a QR code. When scanned, the code offers Southern Comfort cocktail recipes and exclusive chances to win prizes on offer from the brand. Competitions that have epic prizes in fact. 

I really loved the new look and hope it stays. Whilst the classic maroon colour and plain bottle is a thing of beauty too, I liked the way the colours stood out in our drinks cupboard. I have already decided that when the bottle is empty I am going to put bottle lights in it and use it as a light on my nightstand. I may even stick a candle in it and use it that way on our dinner table. Anything to keep it in my eyesight. 

The bottle is available in supermarkets all over the UK, so keep an eye out for them. You honestly won’t be able to miss them. They are so beautiful!


Will you be starting the party early and celebrating with one of these new bottles lovelies?

Joey X

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