How I Am Planning To Cut Back On Spending This Year


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Last week, I shared how I had made the purchase of my dreams. It seemed that all of you enjoyed reading about it, so I thought I would share some more tips to help you all save some money this year. 

Since the start of January, I have been thinking about how I can cut back on my spending and I’ve realised that there are lots of easy ways I can do so. Many of which I wanted to share with you, in case they can help you too. 

Unsubscribe To Any Magazines and Use Your Library Instead: A few years ago, I was addicted to subscribing to magazines. If I read the publication, I had to subscribe to it. Yet, they were very expensive. This year, I have decided to only buy magazines at special occasions, such as my birthday month or Christmas. In place of them, I will be using the app that my library offers, to read them instead. Completely free and more convenient to take around with me, it means I can still support my favourite magazines, but without the cost.

Regift or Recycle Presents: My mum has a whole cupboard full of gifts or items she has collected throughout the years to give away to people. However, I am someone who would always end up buying something new. This year, I am going to use the gifts or items that we have gathered. Doing this not only saves money but helps to prevent waste. Just make sure that you don’t give back the item someone gave you to them.

Take A Drink With Me: Often when me and my mum go out, we grab a drink somewhere. These can cost up to £3 or £4 each at times. I have recently stopped doing this though and started taking a drink with me. The other things I have done is downloaded apps, which give you free drinks, such as O2 Priority and got little squash squirt bottles. These squirt bottles are fabulous because I can then just ask for free hot water in a takeaway cup and flavour it to suit me. I do the same with cold water in summer. 

Wear What I Already Own: I am a sucker for a piece of bargain clothing. Yet, having heard so much about how many clothes we waste, I am going to spend the next year wearing more of what I already own. I have cleared my wardrobe of items I no longer need, giving them to charity, bringing all that I own and will wear forward to easily put items together. I’ve found lots of pieces with labels still on too, which I can now enjoy. I’m not saying that I won’t buy clothes, but I will only do so if essential. 

Save On Bills With A Simple Call: With rising costs of electricity, gas, broadband and even food, I am going to be looking at comparison websites a lot this year. I’m also going to be phoning and making sure I am on the best money deals for me and my mum. Cutting the costs down will help us to save a lot more, which is always good. 

2022 is the year that I hope we can change our money ways in our house. I hope to be able to come up with some more ways to do so, but these are just a few I wanted to share with you. I would love to know what you are all doing to cut back and save this year lovelies, so do let me know in the comments below or on social. 

Joey X

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