Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Growing up, 80s classics were a vital viewing, especially for any film fan. Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun and of course, Ghostbusters are often on must-watch lists. Yet, with a new generation to entertain, the last one has decided to give us all a modern take on a fabulous feature, which is out now on DVD, digitally and Blu-Ray. 

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a feature that helped us all return to cinema seats after a long lockdown. Seeking comfort and reliability, the feature provided us with everything we know about the franchise, but also so much more. 

Following Callie, played by Carrie Coon, as she moves into the old home of her father, who has sadly passed away, the feature shows her discovering, along with her children that the man who brought her up was Ghostbuster Egon Spengler. A man who left a few ghosts unbusted.

As with any Ghostbusters feature, the plot has to be fun. It has to give us both drama but comedy in equal aspects. Luckily, Afterlife does just that. It slots into the features history perfectly. Characters, plot lines and the acting are all greatly displayed. 

Whilst not everything is familiar, it doesn’t make the film lack anything. In fact, it does the opposite. It gives it its own flair. It’s own ghosts to bust. With some key actors giving it their all to provide this, especially the ever brilliant Paul Rudd, who is comedy gold. Brilliant for a film filled with nostalgia. 

Everything within it just screams the 80s. The use of videos still in the school, the music and the love for old features will have you talking with all that watch it about the feel-good feeling it gives you. Ultimately making you end the film with a smile on your face that is as wide as the Marshmallow Man’s.

Overall, the film is a lot of fun that slots into the franchise perfectly. Whilst not everything flows like the first one, this modern take on the feature works. It will make fans of new and old love the films even more. A success that surely doesn’t need to be busted and isn’t ghoulish at all. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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