Cobra Kai Series 3 Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Every few months, Netflix releases a series that just simply blows everyone away. Cobra Kai was one of them back in 2018 and continues to succeed in every way. With its fourth season due to be released on the platform soon, the third has made its way to DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release as of today and is making another big impact. 

Made up of 10 episodes, the third series sees Johnny taking on even more fighting, seeking redemption in an unusual manner. 

When a show, based on one of the biggest 80s feature films, is released, it must work hard to ensure that it is a success in every way. Luckily, the script writers, actors and creative team behind the show have done just that. Taking modern audiences on a new Karate Kid journey and older, original, audiences on one back to the past, the show is a fantastic celebration of everything that was and now is. 

The action is jammed packed, with the fighting scenes leaving a huge impact on all watching. The acting is just as great as it was when the film came out nearly forty years ago and the script is full of smart comedic and serious elements all in one. Something not many shows are able to carry through to three series. 

With such an impact on audiences, the need now for a fourth series is high. Especially when this one is able to give such joy in a time of uncertainty. Binging each half-hour episode is easy, meaning it is finished in no time. Perfect for those who want to watch it all in one and go back to watching the films. Or the whole three series in one. Something that can easily and would be easily done with such a fantastic set of seasons.

4 Stars

Joey X

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