Simply Green and Ma Baker Are Going To Add Flavour to Your Food!



Good Morning Lovelies, 

When battling anorexia, foods often become scary if you don’t have them for a long time. After trying and having falafels and nut roasts, I hoped I could continue to have them for a long time. Yet, after taking a break from them I have become fearful of them again. 

However, this year I want to tackle those fears more. Thankfully Simply Green are going to help me do just that. After reaching out to me, the team behind them and Ma Baker, sent me an incredible boxful of goodies to try. Looking at the packaging, they instantly felt like a brand I could trust. Plus, after a bit of research, they were also a brand that is very good for the price of them. Quality and quantity being excellent. 

With a number of falafel, loaf and burger mixes available, there is a vegan/vegetarian product for everyone. And easy to make ones at that. All you have to do is add water to the packets and pop in the oven or fryer to produce the items. 

For me, the oven felt safer, as I am terrified of oils. Creating the products with my mum, we started off with the loaves, which we decided could be made, sliced and frozen for different meals or when I felt like I could have them again. The lentil loaf was the first one we went for and it came out perfect. Simply placed into a bread tin, we produced it in little to no time and did just like we said with the freezer. The loaves are able to serve two to three people, but as I was scared to have it, we made smaller slices. 

After this, we decided to save the falafels to use at family events. Especially those in the summer, as we thought they would be great at a BBQ, where the different flavours and veg eatables would go down a treat with a salad. 

I didn’t feel ready to have the flapjacks just yet, but my mum was happy to step in and try them for me. As a huge flapjack fan, she was super impressed with the size of the giant bars. Taking one to work with her, she enjoyed the rolled oats and cherry bar for breakfast. 

Fitting perfectly in her bag, she was able to enjoy it with a cup of coffee and happily stated that she would have another one for breakfast again. She then had the carrot cake one with a coffee when we were out. Again, she really liked it and said that whilst it was perfect as a sweet with her drink, it would also be really good as a dessert with some custard on top too. 

For now, she has saved the smaller bars to take around with her in her bag. Leaving them as something to enjoy when she gets a bit peckish on the go. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the whole collection. It looked amazing, the taste impressed my family and there is something for everyone in the range. The packs and bars are huge and go far, with options to store them too. Simply Green and Ma Baker are now two new firm favourite brands in our home. 

Available in loads of supermarkets and shops, I cannot recommend that you look out for these on your next in store or online shop lovelies. You will not be disappointed. I promise you! 

Have you had these before? What did you think? Let me know on social or in the comments below! 

Joey X

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