The Chinese Buffet (TCB) in Blackpool New Dining Experience Review



Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to experience the new look, TCB (The Chinese Buffet) experience in Blackpool. Whilst I live in London, I was quick to accept the opportunity, as my brother lives in the area and was all to willing to help me with this. 

Together, we were gifted a meal for two, with soft drinks, that featured their all you can eat buffet. However, it came with a bit of a difference. Unlike when you go up to the counters, the food would be delivered to your table. By BellaBot. 

The BellaBot, what is that I hear you ask, is a cat/robot hybrid that politely and quickly holds the trays of food, so you don’t have to, bringing them straight to your table. 

How? Well, by picking the food you would like to try for each course through the restaurants dedicated app, the dishes are then made in the kitchen and brought out. 

Each dish being perfectly portioned, with lots of options for meat, vegetarian and vegan diners according to my brother. In fact, he was happy to give me a quick verbal review for you all…

The images apparently don’t do it enough justice. My brother couldn’t encourage you to go and visit it enough. After seeing the images, my mum is now plotting a trip for the family when we go up there next to try it herself. I think she wants to meet the BellaBot too. 

If you are in the Blackpool area and want a safe, filling and fun experience, with plenty of food and drink to enjoy too, then this seems perfect for you. Currently, the restaurants are mostly based in the north of the UK, but hopefully they will be all over soon. In fact, I can already see them being all around in no time. 

To find out more or to book a meal, head to the TCB Dining website. From everything I have seen and heard, you won’t be disappointed. 

Joey X

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