Blogmas Day Three: My December 2021 Goals


Good Morning Lovelies,

December marks the last month of the year. A time to reflect on all that has passed and to make new goals for the upcoming one. Yet, goals can be vital for the month itself. 

With so much to plan, do and get, it can be very overwhelming. Breaking it all down into a list that you can look at and complete. Something I am obsessed with doing. 

This year, I have a number of things I want to do before the year is up. These include…

Having A Hot Chocolate With My Mum: Nightly I have been having an Aldi hot chocolate at home to prepare myself. It is the blue one that you make with water. I have been doing this to try and prepare myself to have one out with my mum, in a coffee shop. Before the end of December I want to do this and will hopefully. 

Host A Craft Day: Across the road from us is a lovely family. They have three small boys, who I want to host a Christmas craft day with. I love making decorations and my goal is to host them one day to make a whole host of festive goodies. 

Surprise My Mum: A weird goal, but I love to surprise my mum at Christmas and this year is no different. I have brought her special treat already, I just need to make sure she doesn’t find out what it is or see it before the 25th. Fingers crossed! 

Complete Blogmas: Last year, I was a bit of a let down! This year, I am going to do it up until the 26th December. My goal though is to share more personal content, such as presents, gift ideas and home DIY ideas. I will try my best to share this all with you. Blogmas will be happening though, no matter what. 

Simply Enjoy The Festive Season: After everything that happened last year, I want to simply enjoy the Christmas season this year. I know my dad would want us too and I am going to make a promise to him, my family and you all to do so. Ho, Ho, Ho!

What are some of your December goals lovelies? Let me know.

Joey X

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