Blogmas Day Two: My Top Five 2021 Advent Calendars



Good Morning Lovelies,

Christmas is a time for giving! However, it is also a time to treat yourself. Especially after the stressful months that we have had this year, due to a pandemic and personal matters. 

One of the best ways to do this is to celebrate the Christmas season with the ultimate countdown. The most perfect of advent calendars shall we say. 

Below are just a few that I have found that have made there way into my home and on to my top five list…

LEGO Advent Calendars: For a number of years, I have had a LEGO advent calendar. I have chosen Friends and City ones mostly, with this years selection being a Friends one. Perfect for both adults and kids, you won’t regret buying this daily brick building treat. 

Elf Figurine Calendar: Spotting this on a deals website, I got this advent calendar off of Amazon. Featuring all the details from the classic film, it has the sweetest figurines behind each door. You will be wanting to watch the film every day because of it. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop Up Advent Calendar: Stored in a book like manner, this advent calendar has a pop up tree within it, which you decorate each day. It is so special, can be used again and again, or featured as a decoration, it is a calendar you could put out on display during Halloween and Christmas. 

Milkybar Chocolate Advent Calendar: While having a chocolate advent calendar terrifies me, I wanted to enjoy one this year! Milkybar is also a chocolate that I want to start having again, so I picked up this advent as a starter. I haven’t managed to have it yet, but my anorexia will not win and I will do it. I’ll let you know when I do!

Aldi Wooden Nutcracker Advent Calendar: I love a nutcracker! Our windowsill is actually full of them this year and I have no regrets. One of them is a countdown figure, which I picked up after the festivities last year in Aldi. He is simply perfect in every way. 

What advent calendar have you got this year? Let me know! 

Joey X

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