Create The Ultimate Gin and Tonic With Strykk and Levivo This Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the endless list of foods and drinks that are brought to celebrate. A list that can be hard to narrow down, if you have to provide for those with different tastes. Yet, luckily, thanks to a few brilliant brands and trials, I may have just found the solution. 

A few weeks ago, Amazon told me about the amazing Levivo Sparkling Water Drinks Maker. Much like a Soda Stream, but at a more reasonable price, the machine, which I reviewed in rose gold, changes water into a sparkling concoction that can later have syrups or juices added to it. Meaning you can make all your favourites for less, whilst having fun. 

Easy to set up, we placed the machine in our kitchen, put in the gas cylinder, and added the water. After a quick few minutes spent button pressing, we had soda water. Ready for the next brand I had to try. 

As someone who doesn’t drink and is trying to open up more to alternative drinks, Strykk is the perfect option for me. Creating alcohol free products, such as no-gin gin, vanilla vodka and rum, the company allowed for me to try one. Something that I thought would be perfect to do with the machine, as it would allow for me to put both flavours to the test. 

After a bit of a confusion, I was kindly gifted the Strykk Gin to try. A fab base for soda water. Taking it from the machine and placing it in the glass, we mixed the gin and water together, before adding in a few pieces of fruit. All of which making a glamorous glass, fit for the Christmas table. 

Having been someone who used to drink alcohol, I knew what the gin was meant to be like. This bottle left a crisp, refreshing taste that lifted the water to another level. Coming in a fantastic size too also helped, as it meant that a good helping could be added too. 

Great for both Christmas Day and New Years Eve, both the maker and the gin are going to be out this year in our house. I am obsessed with how the machine can make so many litres of fizzy drinks for less than the shops charge. Whilst the gin is the perfect find for someone like me who doesn’t drink but wants something special. I couldn’t recommend them enough. 

It is also amazing to know that Strykk are also working to help the Movember cause this year. Currently they are running a fundraising prize draw with the chance to win a trip to IBIZA, plus 100s of other prizes. To find out more about it, head to the website:

Christmas 2021 is going to be incredible! I can already sense it lovelies! 

Joey X

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