Star Trek Discovery Series Three Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Days before I wrote this review, the fourth series of Star Trek Discovery was pulled from the Netflix schedule. Fans were incredibly upset and it was easy to see why. Season three had been epic. Something you can see from today, as the show is now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally. 

Unlike the previous series, this one is launching audiences further into the future. 900 years to be exact. Learning to deal with the new, whilst coming to terms with the past, the crew on board the infamous Discovery ship, find it hard, as they discover life without The Federation. 

Star Trek remains a much loved series. Whether it is watching the classics or revisiting the world brought to life in it with the new, fans have built a comforting trust with it. However, with familiar faces putting in appearances now, such as Spock, it was always going to have to be done well. Not a factor that was always achieved. 

Yet, the creators of the third series have managed to do it. Placing the show 800 years ahead of any previous series, to allow a new storyline and base for the characters to develop on. Providing a new sense of excitement that audiences can enjoy without having to think of what they have already seen before. 

All kicking off from the start of the series, there is tension, fun, chaos and character building that even non fans will appreciate. In fact, if you have never been a Trek fan, you will be after watching this series. The new characters will excite all and the ability to use them as storyline builders will have you appreciating the franchise.

Ultimately, the third season is in a league of its own. A brilliant one at that. The strongest out of all the new bunch, it works on every level. New characters, stories and ships will make a Star Trek fan out of anyone. Even those who have never liked it before. Fingers crossed the fourth series gets sorted soon. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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