Angela Black Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

News of cases surround domestic violence caused concern, outrage and campaigns galore during the pandemic. And rightly so. Yet, it also caused many TV series to be created from it to. Something that needed to be done right in order to affect audiences in the correct manner. However, new series, Angela Black, out today on DVD and digitally, failed to do just that. 

With a fantastic performance from Joanne Froggatt being the only reason to watch, this six-part series continuously causes problems, as it’s script lacks the justice it needs. Froggatt plays Angela, a woman suffering at the hands of her husband, Oliver. Although the violence is never displayed on screen, only provided through small hints, such as a bloody tooth on the floor, the script fails to show audiences the real horrors that come with cases like Angela’s. 

As stated before, Froggatt is the only real reason that the show is worth watching. There is a huge amount of power in her performance. An element we often see with her. She adds the emotion. She gives the series its feelings. Without her, it simply wouldn’t be a show that would be impactful in anyway. 

Whilst the show is a drama and will in no way not be, it has in many ways been over dramatised. The characters and their actions are problematic for reasons that don’t come from the storyline they are portraying. It is simply from the intense nature of how the plot has been made out. Froggatt deserves an award for her role and performance, but ultimately the show should be faded out of the TV world, due to its failure to tackle its subject well. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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