Make Washing A Breeze With These New Earth Breeze Eco-Friendly Sheets!


Why I Love Earth Breeze and You Will Too! - The Frugal Girls

Good Morning Lovelies, 

With everyone discussing the world and how we can help it, I am seeking new products that can help me make a positive change. So, when I heard about Earth Breeze, a new laundry product, I couldn’t wait to find out more about them. 

Lightweight and wrapped in compostable envelopes, each packet includes 40 loads. All that is leaving a great change in the world. Easily dissolvable when placed in hot or cold water, the sheets have been made to deal with the toughest stains, including the dirty one that plastic is leaving on the planet. Plus, they are free from any nasty chemicals, making them cruelty free and vegan too. 

I had never heard of the brand before speaking to the team about the product, but upon discovering more, I wanted to delve into the world of washing to see if they really work. Happily I am able to say that they do. Only costing 20p per wash, the sheets are simply thrown into the washing machine drawer, instantly getting down to the job. 

With two scents available, one fragrance free and the other made to embrace the aroma of fresh air, the smell that comes off the clothes when finished is incredible. Imagine just embracing your clothes when they have come in from outside, having been on the washing line. That is the smell that you get in fact. Something I think we can all get on board with, when the sheets are helping not only make you smell good but charities and non-profit organisations too. 

I am someone who also suffers with very sensitive skin. I struggle to use lots of products, due to having Raynaud's on my hands, which can be painful and split open. Using a sheet meant that I didn’t have to deal with harmful chemicals loading the machine. I could either put the sheet in the liquid tray or the main drum itself. Simple, fast and soothing. The product also didn’t upset my skin upon wearing the washed item. 

Ultimately, with so much changing in the world, this new way of washing our clothes is brilliant. Made to help people make a positive change, it is also great for people like me, who are not the best when it comes to washing. Affordable, fast and impactful, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Earth Breeze is really a breeze and I will be using it more in the future.

Discover more about the brand, their ethos and how you can try the product on their website now. And do let me know if you do try it, as I want to know what you think too! 

Joey X

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