Don’t Defy This Christmas By Investing In These New Eufy Handheld Hoovers and Anker Headphones!


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Good Morning Lovelies, 

As mentioned before, many of you will know that I love a gadget! I happily spend hours setting them up and playing around. So, when the team at Anker and Eufy got in touch about reviewing their items, I had to say yes. 

Kindly they gifted me, a pair of their new  Anker Soundcore Life P2 mini earphones and the fantastic handheld Eufy hoover. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to see how these items would make my life easier.

Trying out the earphones first, I was lucky enough to be given them in my favourite colour, blue. An accessory that was even more compatible with my lifestyle, than the ones sent before, as they were a lot more lightweight. 

Easy to wear, comfortable and great for when on the go, these earphones fitted my daily life perfectly. When out on my own, I like to keep headphones that I can make calls on to hand. It means that if I get anxious or need to speak to someone then I can do. 

With Anker’s new ones, not only could I drown out the unwanted noise with their cancelling system, but I was also able to make calls and connect it to my tablet and phone easily. A great change from some of the harder to use ones. This made me super happy, especially as I had found a pair of headphones I could trust and afford, which wouldn’t end up costing the earth.

Next on my trial list was the handheld hoover. Due to my condition, I like to keep things clean and tidy. Especially my kitchen and dining areas. Set up to be easy to hold and only needing a USB system to charge it, it took no time at all for me to sort this out to use.

Truly fast and reliable, it slotted into my life and kept my home super clean easily. A lot more compact than a bulky hoover, I could quickly do what I needed and store it away in a smaller more manageable space. It also looked fancy and gave off a more professional look.

Overall, I was super impressed with the Anker products I tried. I found that each item did exactly what they were made to do well. A very encouraging discovery, because it meant that we now have an affordable brand that we can trust and turn to. 

To discover more about the brand lovelies, head to their websites and uncover your next tech find. They have so much to offer to keep you updated when it comes to your technology needs.

Joey X

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