Soap, Suds and Surprises! Two New Products To Look Out For This Christmas


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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is coming along super quick. Sweet delights, present ideas and DIY gifts are lining up my social feeds. Preparing us all for the best time of the year. Well, what in think is aha! 

With so much on offer at the moment, I am now starting to plan just what I need to do to get ready. Starting with organising Christmas presents. In our house, there are a number of us that I have to buy for. All with very different tastes. 

Yet, with lots of different independent businesses looking to help us this year, there are a number of ideas we can have. Starting with beauty hits. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love a luxurious bath set to use after a stressful day? Or a brand new beauty product that is fit for a king or queen?

One of two items I was sent and new on the market was from the soap company, Blanka. Sent in a fancy black box, the gorgeous smells from the trip of soaps that were inside could be smelled without even lifting the lid. Wrapped in a fancy ribbon, the removal of the bow led to an even more intense experience. 

The three bars had a subtle pastel colour, with a silver line running through them. Written on the back was the sent of each and directions of use. Something that led to me having a huge debate with myself, as I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to use them for my hands or my whole body. But after much discussion, I went with my body in the end. 

Automatically the soaps lathered up really well when placed under water and my skin smelt amazing. From the bars that me and my mum tried, we both could smell the strong scent on our skin for a long time. Something that I loved. I even skipped my perfume. 

A few days later, I received another soap product, this time from the Sassy Shop Wax. called Snow Pixie. Coming in a small plastic tub, the product looked like a mousse upon first site. Yet, even though it smelt good enough to eat, it is not fit for it. Created with scents of marshmallow, candy floss and more, the soap was like heaven on a plate. A shower plate that is. 

You only need to take a small amount in your hand for the product to work. Rubbing it together, the bubbles burst and you get enough to put over your whole body. The smell making your bathroom come to life in the process. 

There is no competition when it comes to these two products or brands. Both have fabulous smells and results upon using them. I would happily give them as gifts and can’t wait to do so in fact at Christmas. To find out more, look out for the products on the brands websites or upcoming Christmas posts!

Joey X

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