Get Those Green Fingers Going With Morrisons New It’s Good To Grow Scheme!


Good Morning Lovelies,

For many of us, school was the first place we learnt to grow something. A cress head or classroom experiment, which inspired us to look out for our local areas. Yet, as has time passed, so has the way we look after nature. A sad fact. 

However, with the help of Morrisons new scheme that is about to change. For every £10 spent in store, vouchers will be given to you to help collect free equipment for local school children. All to help inspire a new generation of green fingers. 

Known as the, It’s Good To Growinitiative, the scheme has already begun and from what I hear it has been a huge success so far. So, when I was asked if I would like to try one of the kits, I was very excited. In fact I turned into a bit kid. 

Arriving in a big green box, the parcel included a butterfly garden, to hang on the wall. A tortoise plant pot decoration. An exciting vegetable kit to grow and a wildflower package. Something to help the bees who fly abut our gardens. And finally some exciting tools to help get these all planted and potted.

Normally my mum is the plant lover in our house, but taking the time to get stuck in with her was lovely. We were able to really chat and discussed what we would do with our items. Personally I was very excited. 

Great for both kids and adults, the kits will be a huge hit when they are given out. If I was still at school I would have been super happy with the items. Especially if we could have enjoyed the calming nature that this caused me to have. 

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard and these tools will help thousands of children learn how to do it! I can’t wait for the vegetables to start growing. I feel like I am treating them like my children at the moment. 

To find out more about the scheme and how you can help, head over to the dedicated website lovelies. You won’t want your local school to miss out. 

Joey X

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