Deceit Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

It isn’t very often that a show makes audiences use knowledge they may have on a murder to help them solve the plot. Yet, Channel 4’s Deceit, out now on DVD and digitally, does just that. 

Based on the real life murder case of Rachel Nickell, who was killed on Wimbledon Common, in front of her two-year-old son, the four parter looks into the depths of the police inquiry. It delves into the darkness of the investigation, as the victims come to terms with what has happened and learn of who did it. 

For those who saw this tragedy unfold on the news in 1992, the show is a series full of new information. For younger audiences, it will be an educational experience. Highlighting the right and wrong ways to handle a case and those involved. 

Sadly though, the show isn’t as gripping as you may hope. It doesn’t flow in the same manner as the case did in real life. Sympathy is placed into the story that shouldn’t be there. Nothing seems to fit right in certain key scenes. Especially in places where they have mixed fiction with reality. The acting is skilfully done however. With many of the cast being the reason to watch this drama. 

The show seems to want to do what it can’t in just four short episodes. Leading to what feels like a restrictive and a to fast piece. Yet, the reality and the actors manage to save it from being a disaster. It is this that makes it watchable. If you don’t know the case, then give it a binge. However, if you do, than you may want to give this one a miss. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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