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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Crime series took over our screens during the pandemic and every one had us hooked. Including the ITV drama, Too Close, which caused many of us to stay nailed to our sofas to find out the truth about a heinous crime. 

Starring Emily Watson, the actress plays Emma Robertson, a forensic psychiatrist, who must work to uncover whether Connie Mortensen, a yummy mummy figure, really committed the horrendous crime. Set out like a dark Scandinavian noir feature, the series is a true cat and mouse story that is performed like a west end play. One you simply shouldn’t miss. 

Based on the best-selling book, the series is one of the best that ITV have produced in a long time. After a few failed features, the three episodes show us again that the channel is working on pieces that we simply cannot skip by. Especially with actors like Watson at the helm of them. 

Having played similar roles recently, she manages to make each one more and more compelling. Something that this one definitely does. There is a sense throughout that the role was made for her. She makes you believe every emotion. Every action she plays out leaves you feeling tense, shocked and then amazed. It is definitely an award winning performance. 

The series has women working on it throughout. Two amazing leading ladies. Women working behind the camera to create it. A book created by a woman. An element in which making it one of the strongest around. All know how to make something new and refreshing for audiences. An inspiration for generations to come. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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