SWICILY Is The New Syrup That Will Sweeten Your Day!


SWICILY - Natural Sugar Alternative - Made With Italian Grapes - Low Carb  Natural Liquid Sweetener - Organic, Pure Sugar - 335g Bottle: Amazon.co.uk:  Grocery

Good Morning Lovelies,

Many of you will know that I am part Italian. My beautiful dad originally came from Sicily. A place he took unlimited amount of pride in right up until he passed away. I wish I could have gone on one last trip with him there, yet I have now vowed to return in any way I can and explore it on my own. Starting with this new foodie adventure I can have at home.

Made by Patricia de Middel Puch, SWICILY, is a new organic sugar substitute made from grapes, grown ethically by local Sicilians. Sold in 250ml bottles at £9, the syrup is an unprocessed vitamin filled delight, which is full to the brim with flavour.

I had a fear that it was going to be just like wine. But it is nothing of the sort. Pouring onto my cereal, replacing my normal honey, the syrup oozed out and left a glorious trail in its path. Sweet but not to overpowering, the syrup tasted fresh and crisp. Just like grapes do.

You don’t need a lot of it either to get the ultimate flavour, which will make the bottle go further for longer. Especially if you use it like I did. However, I can imagine it would also be perfect as a glaze on meats, vegetables and even on baked goods. Actually especially on baked goods.

My dad was a real fan of grapes and I wish he could have tried this. I know he would have loved it on ice cream in a brioche bun. Just like the Italians do. Ethically farmed, packed to the punch with flavour and beautifully bottled, this product has everything you could want and more. It’s a sweetener throughout.

To find out more about it and how to buy it, head to the SWICILY website lovelies. I promise, from one Italian to all, you will love it!

Joey X

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