Ready For A Cheeky Cocktail? We Put Morrisons New Canned Ones To The Test!


Morrisons launch first-ever canned cocktails range – with prices only £1 |

Good Morning Lovelies,

Is anyone else absolutely loving this super sunny weather? For me, it can never be too hot. Maybe it’s because of my condition or because I have inherited my dad’s love for the sun and his Italian ways, but summer is simply perfect to me in every way. Even with lockdown extended.

It is also the best time to have a party. Every year, I find myself planning one or two to mark the hot weather, birthdays and family members. However, this year things are a little different. With less members to host, I have been exploring how to keep to a budget with each event.

Starting with the food and drink side of things. Both of which can be expensive. However, when Morrisons got in touch to tell me about their new canned cocktails, which are 50% cheaper than branded ones, I was overjoyed to try them.

Same sized as the others, the cans come in eight different flavours. Luckily I was able to put three of them to the test. All of which, classics in their own rights. These being the refreshing mojito, the ever popular gin and tonic and a true summer smash in the vodka lime and soda.

After chilling them in the fridge for a while, I popped a sample of each into a small glass for my mum to try. Starting with the vodka lime and soda, she found this one to be thirst quenching. Even with her worries surrounding vodka, after she had a bit of a bad night on it when younger aha! After, a few more sips, she was happy to admit that she would have it again if it was available in store. Especially chilled, as it felt like summer in a can.

Next up, we put the mojito to the test. This was the one my mum was most excited to try. Popping it into a glass with a small hint of mint, she enjoyed this tipple whilst having a Sunday roast. Again, it was a great addition to the hot weather. It even made our dining table look fancy. Cooling and vibrant, mum said it made her truly feel like summer had arrived.

Finally, I gave her the gin and tonic to try. Probably the one that most people will have seen in a canned form, the Morrisons version actually comes in two kinds. One a diet version and the other normal. We had the normal kind to try.

My mum isn’t the biggest gin fan I will admit, so I was worried about how she was going to react to this. After a few sips, she did admit that it wasn’t her favourite out of the three. However, she did say that she would have it again if it was the only one of the eight available. A small but very encouraging sign from someone who has told me that she can’t stand gin before.

With more cocktails available, including the Woo Woo, there is a load of ones you can try lovelies. This small selection showed to my mum and me that you can have great options on hand at any occasion, for less money. Yet, you don’t have to skimp on the perfection that these drinks can be. To find out more about them lovelies, head to your local Morrisons store or find them online.

What cocktail in a can will you be trying?

Joey X

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