Discover Pure Bliss With My Top Tips On How To Light Up Your Next Cosy Night In With By Candlelight!


Good Morning Lovelies,

With the arrival of a new season, comes new candles and wax delights. Yet, it also brings new opportunities. Since lockdown began, we have become a family who loves to burn delicious smelling scents in our home, whilst snuggled up on the sofa with a good box set or film. Honestly, there is nothing better than lighting a beautiful smell surrounding the home and having others compliment you on it.

For years now, we have been a Yankee Candle family. I’m not sure when we fell in love with them or how, but now they are in every room. We even have different ones for different seasons and I stock up on Christmas Memories, my festive favourite. We also have a large collection of Home Bargains candles that mark important dates in the calendar. Lighting one before sitting down and enjoying some good old-fashioned TV on a Saturday night leaves me feeling cosy and warm. 

Something that I can now do easily with the help of the By Candlelight lighter. Designed to help make burning our favourite candles easily, the lighter is a small but mighty tool. Since getting one, I have found coming home in the evening and snuggling up with snuggling up later in the day a breeze. The ultimate cosy night in is now a regular thing. Plus, it looks super stylish compared to others on the market. 

With this in mind, it got me thinking about what I do to make a night special. And easy! Taking the lighter, I simply clicked the flame on. Lit up some of my favourite scents and cosied up to do this blog post in fact. Here are just five things I like to spend the ultimate cosy night in doing! Especially when the  when the weather outside isn’t very nice:

Light A Lovely Smelling Candle: There is nothing better than sticking on the heating and lighting a candle when spending the night in. A cosy cake smelling one is my favourite. Cookies, vanilla frosting and even hot cross bun scented are currently in my home. With the now useful addition of the By Candlelight candle lighter, I can simply click the switch and my world is full of beautiful scents. Pure bliss.

Watching the Best Films and TV Classics: Whatever the season, you can always find the most perfect film or TV to watch on a Cosy Night In. As the lit candles burn, take the time to reconnect with a classic or discover a whole new world. For me, a cosy blanket and a great TV show, Netflix binge or film marathon is my idea of heaven.

Pampering Sessions: Recently, I discovered that no cosy night in is complete if you aren't spending it doing a little bit of pampering. I am the person with cold hands and feet all the time but if I am really cold then I am grumpy. So, spending the evening with my feet wrapped up in a cosy foot spa, a face mask on and doing a luxury hand massage with my favourite creams makes me super happy. 

A Takeaway: There is nothing better than a hot batch of food the whole family can enjoy being cooked by someone else. It means that there is no pressure to be had, with someone else taking over. Plus, with so many different options available, you can grab your By Candlelight lighter, put on some cosy candles and wait. Then when it arrives, you can simply serve up and sit back. Bliss! Add in something sweet for afters, such as chocolates to enjoy during the film or TV binge and you have a great night.

Reading: Similar to baking, the feeling of finishing a good book is the perfect uplifting treat. You meet new characters who you end up loving, delve into mysterious worlds and then become enraptured in their story. There is nothing better to lift your mood. Especially when a box set just won’t do it.

As I stated before lovelies, since having the By Candlelight candle lighter in my house, I have been sharing it with friends and family members to help them find an easier way to light up their favourite candles and have an everlasting relaxing evening. Available in six metallic colours including, rose gold, silver, pewter, pearlescent white, gold and bronze, they are super affordable and currently available from Morrisons and Ocado. You can also find them on their website online lovelies. I promise you will be proud to show them off.

What do you do to host the ultimate cosy night in lovelies? Share your tips and tricks with me in the comments below or on social!

Joey X

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