Dig In To These Easter Donuts From Morrisons For The Ultimate Chocolate Orange Experience!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Donuts are my life! I am a proud lover and I would happily admit this to anyone. I have been seen, noted and spotted by many digging into them and I once ate a whole dozen to myself. Even now, as I struggle to eat them due to my condition, I still appreciate them enough to buy them for my family. Especially the seasonal specials!

With Easter just around the corner, I was kindly offered the chance to try the latest edition to Morrisons bakery. Chocolate and Orange filled sugar donuts. The perfect sweet for a weekend we all spend delving into chocolate for. Oh yes, Easter is finally here and these are going to be the donuts to mark it. 

Priced at 50p, the pack of four is big. As were the donuts! Upon opening the packet, the smell of the chocolate and orange combination hits you in a very powerful way. One that will have you thanking Morrisons for a long time. Getting my taste tester mother on board for this was easy once I had done so in fact. 

As soon as we had finished our tea, she got stuck in. No lie, I am certain that from the first bite, our neighbours probably heard the moans of delight. The classic outer donut was just as good as she could remember from previous donuts she had tried. 

Yet, nothing could prepare her for the real showstopper. The cream in the centre. A piece of pure beauty, when two iconic flavours come together and make a fabulous creation. Honestly, there is nothing quite like it according to my mum, who actually doesn’t like chocolate orange that much. 

With Easter just around the corner, these donuts are selling like mad in Morrisons at the moment. Something that we can easily see why is happening. Made to bring a sense of creation to our tables, they are an affordable and fun way to sparkle magic as a great breakfast or after dinner dessert. Whilst also being different to a normal egg. 

To find out more about the donuts lovelies, head to Morrisons bakery aisle, where they can be found with a great selection of more Easter bakes

What has stood out to you to try this Easter lovelies? Will you be giving these a go? Let me know! 

Joey X

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