Two Weeks To Live Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Seeing Sian Clifford and Maisie Williams in different shows to what we know them for is always a little strange. However, in Sky One’s series, Two Weeks To Live, they showcase a range of talents that make them the perfect pairing. Out now on DVD and digitally, the series will keep you laughing and gripped throughout, as they play a mother and daughter team, who end up living a very strange life. 

Clifford takes on the parental role here to Williams, as a mother, whose husband’s death leads her to taking her child away from the world. Deciding to embark on a rural way of life in seclusion, Williams’ Kim is unsure about a lot of things that she witnesses when she enters the real world. Including how not to let her survival skills take over. 

The show is continuously dark, but it is refreshing and funny too. It is an odd piece of TV that is much needed in the times in which we are facing. Both characters are fun. Each actress a joy to see. Those that join them along the way also excel at comedy. Even if the moments are sometimes a bit gory. It is a fab feature that will spark a sense of rightful viewing in a mad world. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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