Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day With These Beautiful Katie Loxton Gifts


Good Morning Lovelies,

As many of you know, my mum is my hero. I love her to the ends of the earth and will always be thankful that she is mine. Together, we have had a hard few months, due to the death of my dad and the battles I have faced with my illness. Yet, she has always been on hand to help me and make me stronger.

She is the reason I get up every morning and fight. She is a superhero without the need for a cape. Although, if she wanted to wear one I wouldn’t stop her. Edna Mode might but not me! There so, when the lovely team at Katie Loxton messaged and offered to help me make her day extra special, I couldn’t wait to work with them.

With so many amazing gifts on offer throughout the year, the team and me worked on making her something special for Mother’s Day this year. At an incredible price, they came up with a gorgeous bracelet that featured personalised wording, poems and charms I could select to be featured on it. Every element is made with care and thoughtfulness.

Adding to the gift a Mother’s Day pouch and a trio of delightfully smelly candles, I knew that this selection was going to go down well. Especially the bracelet, which is a piece that I knew would mean a lot to her.

Having planned a special at home event for her too, these added treats meant that she was going to get the ultimate day. Something I am so thankful to the brand and team in helping me to create! Katie Loxton is a brand that I have loved and admired for a long time. Having seen it before in John Lewis.

Sadly, I hadn’t ever brought anything from them before. A big element I now regret, because upon the gifts arriving, I could see that the quality, look and personalisation was all done with the customers wants and needs in mind. Every part of them is perfectly made. Every cherished need as a customer thought of.

Because of this, I decided to give the items to my mum early. Sometimes you just have to. Getting very emotional over them, like I thought she might, the Perfect Mum collection, helped to make her feel brighter on a cosy Sunday morning.

She hadn’t heard of the brand before, but since that day, I have seen her on the website a lot. I have witnessed her make loads of pieces in fact. Something that has made me super excited for our family birthdays and Christmas now. Is it too early to even be saying that? I don’t think so in this case aha!

Seeing her wearing the bracelet makes me happy. I know that she wears it with pride and has been showing it off to friends. She even waves with that hand now.

With her birthday coming up soon and even Easter, the company has lots of pieces that I can purchase to go along with the ones that were made for Mother’s Day. There are mirrors, stationary and more that I know will not only be perfect for her, but other members of my family, when it comes to looking for a gift. All at fabulous prices too.

If like me you want to find something extra special to give to your mum, head to the Katie Loxton website. There are loads on offer and I know for a fact you won’t be disappointed. Her collection is one of pure beauty and joy! I honestly couldn’t suggest it enough!

What pieces from Katie Loxton have you discovered and fallen for lovelies? Let me know if you have been on the website and loved! I would love to hear all about your finds to add to my own collection lovelies!

Joey X

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