Thinking of Getting A Piercing When Lockdown Ends? Claire's Accessories Is The Place To Go!


Hey Lovelies, 

Getting your ears pierced as an adult can be a bit of a hassle. Not the actual doing of the piercing, although that can be scary, but the actual working out of where to go to get it done. I was five when I got my first lobe piercing at Claire’s Accessories. Now 20 years on, I can safely say I have had no problems with them. Something which influenced my latest piercing choice. 

For a long time, I have wanted to get the top of my ear pierced. Yet, I was worried by the number of horror stories I had heard about letting someone use a gun to pierce the cartilage. Spending time researching local piercing parlours, I didn’t know who to trust to do it with a needle. All of which leading me back into the direction of the company that my mum took me to when I was little. 

Due to everything that is happening at the moment, an appointment was needed in store to be able to get it done. There so, both my mum and I booked in to have ours done on the 24th July at the Harlow store. Turning up with not much memory of the first time I went to Claire’s for a piercing, team leader Megan, helped to get us seated, before talking us through everything that was going to happen. 

The piercing was a free service, with the earring prices and cleaning solutions being the only costs. With no hoop option, I decided to go for the 3mm stainless steel silver ball pick at £15. Getting my choice all set up, Megan talked us through all of the care needed before and after the piercing. 

Many find cartilage piercings a lot more painful than lobe ones, with extra time needed for it to heal properly. This wasn’t going to stop me and my mum from having it done though. Together we sat for around 10 minutes each, whilst Megan showed us our chosen earrings, cleaned and marked the area, before using the gun to pierce the area. 

Noise is the big thing in all of this if you are worried. I don’t think the pain really hit me at all, more so the noise of the gun being used. Something that comes from it being so close to your ear. However, it is not too bad, with it being done so quickly. 

After we had both finished having our ears pierced, we were given the lotion, paid and directed on what to do next. Instructed to come back if anything happened or we had any questions, we felt safe, secure and happy with our new ear accessories. 

Having been to another jewellery shop for my second lobe piercing, an equally good experience, I have to say if I had to pick out of the two, I think I would go back to Claire’s. I haven’t had any problems so far. It looks like it is healing well. We have even spoken to the piercer since, who said that they looked good and instructed us what to do next with future piercings, including going elsewhere for safety for inner ear ones. 

Claire’s Accessories gets a lot of bad press for their ear-piercing services, but I couldn’t praise them more. I am so happy with how they both look and can’t wait to go back in the store to purchase earrings for when I can change the cartilage one, as they are affordable too. 

Getting your ears pierced can be a big and scary thing, but if you are in the Essex area, Harlow’s team will look after you. In fact, I am sure any Claire’s team will. I trust them a lot now, after years of worrying from horror stories. I will let you know if anything changes of course, but for now I would definitely suggest taking a look at their appointments, earrings and store details to find out more if you are looking to get yours pierced lovelies. My ears have never looked so pretty aha! 

Plus lovelies, to make sure your ears stay in tip top shape, you can find all your ear care needs at Auris Ear Care. From health checks to mobile ear cleaning services, they will protect your ears for years to come, especially when it comes to removing and helping to control and prevent ear infection treatment! An amazing company at times like this to help care for my pierced ears! 

Will you be getting a new piercing when lockdown has lifted lovelies?

Joey X

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