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Good Morning Lovelies,

Do you ever get the need to decorate your house? To just change everything in sight? For me, I find myself wanting to highlight bits and pieces in my room all the time. Including the prints and designs within it.

I have quotes, photos and more that simply just take over. Yet, recently I have been feeling uninspired by them. Until my mum got me a new one from Typo for Christmas. The need to find more than just hit me.

However, looking everywhere online I struggled to see something new that I would want. Before the GoradesignCo got in touch with me. Kindly offering me the chance to pick a selection of designs that I could place in my home.

Roaming around on their Instagram and website, I picked four pieces. Three to brighten my room and one for our newly decorated bathroom. Since the loss of my dad, our home has now been named the girls home. So you can only imagine our choices.

The first piece I was certain on was a moon design. I loved the quote at the bottom of the print. It made me think about my dad, who adored space. It made me think about how the moon holds so much wonder for us all. It was simply lovely. The quote was the perfect fit to fill a space in my room. To help capture sweet moonlight filled dreamy bliss.

For my second choice, I chose a Dance Floor design. Super simple but full of promises of dancing the night away, I loved it. However, the reason I really wanted this print was to give as a gift. My friend Tessa is the ultimate party person and I just knew that it would fit her home well. As a festival goer and music lover, I know that any home she owns will have a dance floor in it. Making this print perfect for any setting or space she lives in.

By now I was actually finding it hard to pick pieces. Not because I couldn’t find something I liked but because I was finding too many I liked. If you know me though, you will know that I adore the 90s. It was the decade I was born. The best years if I do say so. All of which leading my heart and my head to fall for this 90s roller skate print. The multi colours, disco balls, cassette tape piece. It just reminds me so much of the greatest decade of all.

Finally, we come to the bathroom piece. This was one that I just couldn’t stop thinking and adoring after. I simply love it. A shower or bath for me is a place to think, look after myself and to feel refreshed. So, this print says it all. I want more bathrooms in fact to be able to put the print up more!

Having never heard of GoradesignCo before, I simply love them now. Since receiving the prints, they have added more and I have already started picturing where I want them. To see what they have on offer, head to their Etsy page lovelies. I am sure there will be something for each and every one of you!

Have you been redesigning during lockdown? Don’t forget to share your new home looks with me, as I would love some inspiration!

Joey X

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