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Good Morning Lovelies, 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are many of us who are wondering if we will receive a special gift this year. Normally I get the chance to witness my parents share cheesy gifts, yet this year it will be very different, due to my dad’s death. However, that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to mark the day some way. 

There is always a little magic in our house when it comes to a celebration and so, we have decided to mark the occasion with a little Galentine’s Day event instead. With special decorations and food, we are also making sure to give each other some fancy items too. 

Turning to Amazon, we have both found some epic treats to gift, thankfully through the Amazon Handmade page. Knowing that they have been made by someone makes these presents feel super special. Something we both appreciate. Leading me to do this blog post lovelies, featuring my top five items from the new collections, which I think will go down a storm with anyone you give them too:

Amazon Handmade Just for You I Love You Milk Chocolate Bar, 100g, £3.75: Chocolate is always a winner and this personalised bar will go well with a good old glass of wine or whiskey. 

Amazon Handmade “I Love You” - Visible Voice Soundwave Print, £12.99: This is a really original idea to me and I love how the gold looks. I think it will stand out in any room of the house. 

Amazon Handmade Hygge Candle, £30: Who doesn’t love a candle? This one smells of winter or autumn and will have you feeling super cosy on these cold winter days. 

Amazon Handmade Personalised Name And Date Framed Print, £7.99: Much like the previous print mentioned, this one will have you remembering that all important moment that you fell in love. I may have to get me and my mum one of these to remember our most special days. 

Amazon Handmade Personalised Love Ceramic Ring Dish with Heart, £18: Whether it is a wedding ring or that special piece of jewellery, this little dish will keep all your most treasured pieces safe. 

Amazon Handmade has lots of amazing gifts for Valentine’s Day on their page at the moment. There were so many I could have picked but these just held a special place in my heart. From the plate to the prints each one is perfect for the big day and I hope that they have helped you find a gift to purchase.

Will you be using Amazon Handmade to find a present lovelies? Let me know what catches your eye and if you get anything special lovelies! 

Joey X

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