Lockdown Those Luscious Lashes With Jolie Beauty's New Collection


Good Morning Lovelies,

How do you start the day? Is it important that you have a lie in? Is breakfast your first port of call? Or do you like to begin it with a bit of a pamper? For me, I like to spend the first part of my day making myself feel super luxurious as much as I can.

Waking up at around 6am, I have a super warm shower, before getting dressed, doing my hair and layering on my beauty products. Items that give my face that little bit of a glow.

Over the past few months, I have been trying to discover new brands and items to add to my beauty bag. Something that Jolie Beauty have helped me with. For a long time, I have always loved my eyes and lashes. I am very lucky to have inherited my dad’s Italian brown eyes and long lashes. Yet, I do sometimes like to make them even bigger. Especially on social occasions or special events.

Whilst there hasn’t been many of them recently, lockdown has allowed me to get practicing. Excitingly with some new products from the brand, who are about to transform all of our eyes.

Starting with the introduction of a bunch of gorgeous false lashes, the company kindly sent me four different types to select from. Perfectly formed and easy to apply, I used the Jolie Lashlock Eyelash Glue along the edge to pop them onto my eye. I then held them for a few seconds, to allow it to dry, before walking away from my mirror with fluttering beauties. If I do say so.

As someone who doesn’t often wear false lashes, these were comfortable and super at putting me at ease doing so in the future. I normally use a eyelash curler, but with a strong glue and realistic falsies on hand, I am definitely a convert. Especially with how much these made my eyes pop out even more.

However, I wouldn’t use them all the time, as I also wouldn’t want to damage my real ones. Although, thinking of this as well, Jolie Beauty have come up with a new eyelash serum, called Ridiculash, to help make our real lashes shine.

Made to condition and help the growth of natural lashes, the brand has the potential to save brittle lashes from breaking. Advised to apply it morning and night, for the best results, the serum is light and comforting. Something that many eye products actually lack. When I first opened the product I was worried it would be heavy and uncomfortable in fact, but that was never the problem with this.

Overall, I have found a bunch of Jolie Beauty eye products that I will be adding to my beauty bag. Perfect for those future nights out, Zoom parties or just a little pamper a few nights a week, the falsies, easy to apply glue and incredible serum are definitely a trio that packs a punch. When lockdown lifts, I am going to be wearing them everywhere. I promise you.

To find out more about the brand and the new releases lovelies, head to the Jolie Beauty website. You will find loads more on there, but if you are just looking for the basics for now, these super shiners will go down a storm!

Joey X

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