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Good Morning Lovelies, 

When you have a film night in, what do you normally grab to snack on? Chocolate? Sweets? Cakes? A three-course meal? In our house, anything goes! Normally on a Saturday, we will grab our dinners and a dessert for afters and sit back on the sofa with one of the newest home releases or a classic. This does change however when I am having a film night in with friends though. Then all cards are off the table!

Planning takes place early and I often head off to our local supermarket to pick up some snacky bits we can enjoy throughout the night. Crisps, sweets, chocolate, biscuits and most importantly popcorn are all on the list. I mean you can’t have a film night in without popcorn, am I right?

With so many options now, I am always trying to keep an eye out for what is the latest popcorn treat I can provide for them when they pop over. There so, when I was emailed about the opportunity to find out more about the Popcorn Shed brand, I was very excited. Having never heard of them before, the company was completely new to me and so I was eager to discover what they do to make their popcorn so special.

Created by cousins Sam and Laura, Popcorn Shed has been running from their garden shed since 2016 and the family-owned business has since gone on to win several awards for the gourmet flavours and branding. When my parcel arrived, I wasn’t sure what I would be opening, keeping the whole thing a surprise.

Inside the box was a lot more popcorn than I was expecting. From tiny snack packs to a giant box shaped like their shed (LOVED THIS!), I automatically loved the brand. The handy snack packs meant that in the future, I could imagine myself grabbing the ones my friends liked and specialising their tastes. Whereas with the bigger box, I could dish these out to the family when we have a party or are gathering in the living room after a busy day.

With many flavours to choose from, I was lucky to receive the following:

With a mum who adores popcorn, she soon tucked in on Saturday night whilst watching TV. To be honest, we were unsure of how they were going to taste, yet she was pleasantly surprised by the flavours and the unique size of the snack pack, as she enjoyed the toffee variety. 

What I really like about these are the way in which they are packaged. I adore the small packs that mean you can put them in lunch boxes, carry them in your bag or if you just simply fancy a small popcorn snack you can enjoy them. And with each one ranging between less than 140 calories, they are not so bad either. Although, it doesn’t really matter aha!

Popcorn Shed is gourmet and with affordable prices for each size, they deliver on their promise. I am going to be ordering some more or looking out for them in shops for my next film night to help cater for everyone's different tastes. They are properly popped pieces of snacking joy.

To find out more about Popcorn Shed or to see the full range, head to their website lovelies. Let me know in the comments below what you like to snack on when watching TV or a film lovelies and I will be sure to get back to you!

Joey X

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