Star Trek: Picard Review


Hey Lovelies,

When I was younger, Star Trek was the show that captured the attention of my brothers far more than me. I remember watching small sections of it, but the episodes would terrify me so much I wouldn’t watch any of it for more than five minutes. Yet, that all changed this year.

With the launch of Star Trek: Picard, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, the return of the much-loved Patrick Stewart character drew me in. Bringing to life a new world for me and many millennials who never experienced the series before. And a fateful return for fans of the show.

As the world becomes overtaken with a new darkness, Picard must work with his team to help save the Starfleet. His mission is one that no one is taking lightly, literally telling him in a episode set in the middle of the series to, “shut the fuck up!” A message that thankfully he doesn’t take on board.

Although the series is a lot darker than many will remember the previous ones being, it is a gritty watch. One that will intrigue all to watch in one binge session. Stewart’s return is one of fine form and the show’s makeover as a whole builds on bringing it up to date with the audiences needs and wants excellently.

The series is one that reflects the timings of the worlds around it. Cleverly showing audiences how the use of social media, a worldwide pandemic and politic impacts have a fascinating influence on even the most powerful of people. Bringing them down to a level that we can all connect with.

Whilst it might not be the series or show that all Star Trek fans are looking for, Picard is one that brings back Stewart to blast us into a new realm. One that will bring audiences joy and delight, even if it is a dark place to be. Ultimately it is a place though that we all want to be involved in somehow.

4 Stars

Joey X

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