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Hey Lovelies, 

TV has been a saving grace for many of us during lockdown. Whether it be online or through our big screens, we have been watching loads. Rightfully so I say. Especially when there has been so much goodness for us to fall in love with. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been catching up with some of the biggest talking points. Including the following, which I wanted to share some small but exciting reviews on. So, grab the remote and get stuck into these gems if you fancy…

Inspector Montalbano Collection 10 Review

After a small break, Luca Zingaretti returns as Inspector Montalbano to give us another exciting collection. Made up of three episodes, the new release is filled with intense and gripping moments that show the dark side of Sicily and the underworld that Inspector Montalbano has to handle. As before, the episodes promise more to come and give us a thrill for the eyes from start to finish. Exciting, new and full of interest, it is a series that just keeps on giving from a character who knows how to entertain. 

4 Stars

All Creatures Great and Small Review

With many of us seeking the comforts of something familiar to watch during lockdown, the idea of a classic show being remade left many wondering if it would work. Yet, All Creatures Great & Small delivered a new take on a British hit incredibly well. Nicholas Ralph took hold of the lead, after years of being away, to give both familiar and unfamiliar viewers of the old show, a new and exciting lead. Someone who we could all get on board with. Each episode provides an inside look into each character, whilst providing us with a soothing piece of art to watch. It may be a short series, but it is one that will leave you feeling comforted. Something we all need right now.

4 Stars

Upright Review

Co-written and starring comedian Tim Minchin, this series flew under the radar for a long time. After airing on Sky Atlantic earlier this year, this Australian comedy, provides light entertainment, as Minchin’s character comes to terms with the life of a teenager. Someone who is facing her own problems, which lead to an unlikely friendship between them. What you might be expecting from the show is not what you get. Yet, this is a good thing. Minchin has made a refreshing series that is like many we have seen before, but also in a league of its own. Making it a worthy watch in lots of ways. 

3 1/2 Stars

What have you all been watching during lockdown lovelies? 

Joey X

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