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Hey Lovelies, 

Do you ever feel like time is going so quickly? I can’t believe how fast November seems to be passing us by! Maybe that is a good thing, especially with lots of us in lockdown, however, for me, I feel like I am letting you all down by not sharing as much. I promise you there is a good reason, as I have been preparing for Blogmas, which I am doing again this year. 

As well, I have started working with BBC Three Counties on Monday morning’s to create a daily round-up of TV shows and films that you should be watching. Having started last week, I have done two shows now and I love it. 

They have really motivated me and helped me find a new love for radio. A fact I am so grateful for. It is a key element in showing me how well my recovery is going. Finally, I have the attention to make magic like this happen and I am so proud of myself. So, I wanted to share the shows with you all. 

Please give them a little listen if you have the time. The first one starts at around 2hrs and 34mins in, with the same one happening around the same time. However, I would suggest listening to the whole show because the morning team is simply fabulous. Enjoy lovelies…

Radio Show One:

Radio Show Two:

What did you all think? Is there a show or film that you have been loving? Tune into BBC Three Counties from 8:30am every morning and share it with the team or let us know in the comments below! 

Joey X

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