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Hey Lovelies, 

Recently many students headed off to university to start the new term. Over 2.3 million in fact. Yet, this year their new start was tinged with a huge amount of worry and sadness. Not the usual kind either. As a second wave of coronavirus threatened to lock us all down again, students were faced with the fear of not being able to enjoy university life in the way many of us did. 

When I went to university, the only fears I had in the first few weeks was how to get university life started. Freshers is all about meeting people, bonding over your course and other matters in fact. Whilst I wasn’t a big party person, I did love that I got to meet so many new people. Now students are faced with not getting the opportunity to make new friends in the way we all did. I find this so sad. Especially when it all comes to making sure that we all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. 

However, I have discovered a way that some of those fears can be eased a little. Living specialists, Scape, have teamed up with Love Island’s Dr Alex George, to help make the Fresher and Healthy service for university students. Helping to make us all more aware of the actions we need to take to stop the spread of coronavirus, the team have come up with some special guides to help with hand washing, wearing face masks and social distancing, as well as keeping to the new Rule of Six.

Starting today, the new service will be a huge help when it comes to university life. Having spoken to the team at the official launch of the service, Scape can help you on a weekly basis with bookable one-on-one health consultations with private GP service, Gogodoc. Students that have a consultation will receive a free physical examination and be provided with mental health advice from their on hand GP. All in a trusted and safe manner. 

The launch also unveiled that students will be given the option of a flu jab to remain extra safe, whilst receiving a free Fresher & Healthy kit packed with all the essentials needed to keep a healthy wellbeing in and around their university. Having received one myself to see what would be in them, I discovered an Ally face mask, Hande hand sanitiser, a discount on Vitl nutrition supplements and healthy refreshments such as a Equinox Organic Kombucha and Properchips’ Sea Salt Lentil Chips. The perfect get well or stay safe medicine. 

I really feel for students right now and I know that it is tough right now. With these services though, you will be able to remain safe and well for free with extra help. All vital matters right now. I know that it seems like everyone is blaming students for the rise in cases, but I don’t believe that it is their fault at all. With the right help and guidance, everyone can stay safe. I wanted to share these kits and services mostly to provide you with a new manner of staying healthy, because I care about you all so much. 

To discover more or to book an appointment and get a Fresher and Healthy kit, head to Scape’s website. You will not regret it lovelies! 

Stay safe, 

Joey X

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