Get An Autumn Glow With Jolie Beauty With Their New Collection


Hey Lovelies, 

Beauty products are becoming something that I am getting more and more interested in. Especially skincare items, such as moisturisers. With autumn and winter bringing with it the dryness that central heating, weather issues and lack of vitamin D bring, I am trying to make my skin survive better.

After discovering Jolie Beauty bronzer and blusher products online, I got in contact with them, after they reached out for bloggers to see if they could help me. I normally use a high street brand, but when looking up the reviews of the Jolie Beauty company, I wanted to discover more about their glowing new range. I am so glad I did.

With raving reviews all over their website and Google, the Jolie Beauty Second Skin Bronzer collection is an affordable skin range that adds a subtle glow and smoothness to your skin. Coming in a small compact with a built in mirror, the product can be applied easily to help build upon your final look. 

Opening the white and gold packet, the bronzers, which come in a range of colours, including the light Latte colour I tried, was presented with a whole load of information on how to use it on the box. Something I loved. As a person who doesn’t know a lot about the best ways to use makeup or beauty items, it made the whole process a lot easier to do with this information on hand. I don’t wear makeup, so I had to have a little play with it before I faced the public.

My skin instantly sparkled, but not in a way that made it stand out or seem odd. The bronzers blended right in and my skin had a fresh and vibrant look to it, after a few days of being dull from the cold. I will admit that I was a little scared to try it, because I hadn’t used a Jolie Beauty product before, but the good news is, it worked!

Staying on all day, my skin felt smooth and I had a lovely subtle glow all day. Upon taking the product off at the end of the day, the flecks went away, but I still had super smooth skin, which if I wore makeup, I would be happy to find when removing the item.

I am going to give the bronzers a few more goes before I give it a full rating (check it out on social), but for now, I would definitely suggest giving the products a try. Jolie Beauty has a great selection on their website to go. I would suggest having a look at lovelies. Right now, it is safe to say I have an amazing autumn glow thanks to the brilliant Jolie Beauty, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to try it.

Let me know if you try the item lovelies. I love to find out about new products, and it would be amazing to discover what else is on offer!

Joey X

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